International Journal of Educational Psychology (IJEP) ////// Revista internacional de Psicologia de la Educación (RIPE).

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Focus and Scope

The International Journal of Educational Psychology (IJEP) has as its main objective the publication of top research in the area of educational psychology which seeks to be applied in a variety of educational contexts, formal and informal, and involving different education levels and people of all ages. The articles published in IJEP deal with educational problems that are relevant for the international scientific and education communities, and their contributions serve as scientific tools to improve school education and education in general in relation to processes and outcomes. A second objective of IJEP is the publication of theoretical works that advance the literature in educational psychology, opening new lines of research in the field.

IJEP publishes articles that deepen in the understanding of the processes, tools, contexts, and outcomes of school and non-school learning. These works can include, among others, the analysis of the dynamics of classroom interactions, the relationships between learning and development, the design of effective learning environments, learning processes in non-school contexts (such as the home, the street, after school programs, ICT), discourse use in those contexts, and interactions between learning and identity. These analyses are undertaken taking into account the cultural dimension of teaching and learning processes in societies which are increasingly diverse.

IJEP welcomes papers that make these contributions from a variety of perspectives, such us historico-cultural psychology, cognitive psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, cultural studies, etc. The articles can also take on different research methods: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.

IJEP also publishes reviews of major books and dissertations that fall into the focus and scope of the journal and that represent a central contribution in the field. 

The journal is primarily addressed to researchers, but it is also of interest for those in charge of implementing the results of educational sciences research. IJEP is an electronic journal publishing articles in English and Spanish and it is four-monthly.

IJEP will be launched this November 2011. The Inaugural Issue will include a central article by Dr. Jerome Bruner on What should psychology study.

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